Active Brains

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This is a website called ‘Active Brains’ which is sponsored by the University of Southampton. Active Brains was made to support older adults to make simple behavioural changes such as increasing physical activity, playing brain training games and finding ways to eat more healthily. This study will trial the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of ‘Active Brains’. The trial will recruit two groups of older adults: 1) those with signs of cognitive decline, 2) those without any cognitive decline. Members of both of these groups will be randomly assigned to one of three trial groups: 1) care as they usually receive it from their GP practice, or 2) access to the Active Brains website, or 3) access to the Active Brains website plus brief support from a trained person. After five years, the different groups will be compared with each other to see which group went on to be diagnosed with dementia which will help determine if this website is useful for avoiding or delaying cognitive decline.

For more information please head to the Active Brains website here