Tricorder Study

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Heart failure (HF) represents a serious condition where the heart struggles to efficiently pump blood throughout the body. Its impact surpasses that of many cancers, with a mortality rate of 50% at 5 years post-diagnosis, affecting approximately 900,000 individuals in the United Kingdom annually. This ailment not only profoundly affects quality of life but also exacts a significant financial toll on the NHS, consuming 4% of its annual budget, equating to over £625 million per year. Unfortunately, up to 80% of HF diagnoses occur belatedly during emergency hospital admissions, leading to worse survival outcomes and higher treatment costs. GPs lack accessible tools for timely HF detection, resulting in patients undergoing lengthy and often inconclusive diagnostic pathways. However, our groundbreaking study showcased the efficacy of the Eko DUO smart stethoscope, capable of detecting HF with 92% accuracy in just 15 seconds, even before symptom onset. Through the TRICORDER Study, we aim to determine whether equipping GPs with the Eko DUO enhances early HF detection, thereby mitigating emergency hospital admissions and reducing NHS costs. By leveraging patient involvement and cutting-edge technology, our initiative seeks to drive transformative change in NHS-patient access, ultimately saving lives and resources.

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